The Church Christian Academy utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum which is founded upon the Five Laws of Learning:


  1. Appropriate curriculum level placement -  Every student who is accepted into The Church Christian Academy must take a diagnostic placement test for each subject, which enables the school staff to properly place the student at a level which they can succeed.

  2. Student-determined, attainable, realistic goals -  Each day TCCA students set appropriate and individual goals which they work to achieve.

  3. Motivation, encouragement, and support -  Students need not feel embarrassed to ask questions or request help; born-again Christian staff members are available to give one-on-one assistance when needed.  

  4. Ongoing assessment of student learning -  Student learning is assessed regularly using a variety of methods.  Each Packet of Accelerated Education (PACE) includes several knowledge checks administered at regular intervals throughout the Pace.  Upon completion of each pace, a practice test is administered to assess mastery.  If learning gaps are identified, additional support is given to ensure mastery prior to the final exam and preventing students from moving on to subsequent Paces without mastering the content. 

  5. Recognition for achieving learning goals - TCCA students receive recognition for their academic efforts and demonstration of Godly character traits through daily encouragement, privileges, earned field trips, a merit system, awards ceremonies, and the satisfaction in their own individual progress.


The Church Christian Academy educational philosophy is based on three major tenets: individualized instruction, mastery-based assessment, and character-building principles.