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Welcome to the Parent Page! 

The Parent Page contains  information, notices, and links to helpful sources to help parents to be involved in their child's learning both in and out of the learning center. 

Monthly fundraisers, scripture readings, character traits, and field trip information will be posted on this page.

Additional resources will be added periodically, so please check this page often!

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CONTINUITY OF EDUCATION - Message from Pastor Mike Baumiller
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 From the PDE website 

"Continuity of education is the broad term given to educational practices that occur in the event of a prolonged school closure." Also from the PDE website, "These options can take a variety of forms, including online/digital learning opportunities; non-digital learning opportunities (e.g., materials sent home with students); ..........The decision to employ one or more of these methods is made at the local level based on feasibility, availability of resources, access and equity considerations, and in accordance with aggressive social distancing guidance."


This means that we will have to continue as we are now thru December 11. The students will need to complete their PACE work at home, and when they're ready to test, schedule testing times. In order to maintain academic integrity,  all testing will be done at the school one family at a time. The foyer and testing area will be cleaned and disinfected after each family tests. Any PACE scoring that needs to be done can be done over the phone or thru the zoom group meeting program. Also any tutoring that needs done will be done thru zoom. Please get in touch with me to schedule any necessary tutoring.


Thank you for being diligent and helping your children finish their work. We've had a number of tests each week since this all started with great results. Although I know this is difficult, we have to continue with it through December 11.


If anyone has any questions, please get in touch with me.


God Bless

Pastor Mike Baumiller

Monthly Fundraisers

Nationwide, high tuition rates put a private school education out of reach for most families.  At The Church Christian Academy, we believe that every child deserves access to high quality education based on Biblical principles. 

TCCA is proud to offer the lowest tuition rates in the Pittsburgh area to place the dream of a private school education in reach for the average family.   


In order to keep our tuition rates low, TCCA students are required to participate in all fundraising initiatives.  

Check back for a printable copy of tentative fund raisers for the 2020-2021 school year. 

The May Fundraiser is a Chicken and biscuits.     


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Monthly Scripture Readings

A true education involves much more than learning traditional academics such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.  In addition to studying traditional academics, students at TCCA are encouraged to memorize and recite bible passages in the classroom and during the monthly TCCA Sunday service at The Church.  

Biblical readings, discussions, and prayer are a part of every TCCA student's daily routine. Each school day starts in the Word, a habit that we encourage students to maintain throughout their lives.

Parents can support their children in developing a daily bible habit through daily bible reading and discussion and by starting every day in the Word as well.

Click below for a printable copy of monthly Scripture Readings  in PDF format.

Monthly Biblical Character Traits

A true education involves much more than learning traditional academics such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.  In addition to studying traditional academics, students at TCCA are encouraged to memorize portions of the Bible, study, and apply biblical principles to their lives. While the  staff at TCCA model these character traits daily as they interact with your child, they also encourage students to engage in these behaviors in the classroom.

Parents can encourage their children to apply Biblical character traits in the home by discussing the trait of the week at the dinner table and modeling the behavior in their own lives.  

Click below for a printable copy of the monthly Biblical Character Traits in PDF format.

Monthly Parent Newsletter

Newsletters are sent home with students every month to keep parents informed about routines, planned trips, fundraisers, and any major changes in the learning environment.  


Click below for a printable copy of our Parent Newsletter.


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